Few Reasons Why You Need A Tile Cutter

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The most important piece of equipment that you will require when laying wall or floor tiles is a tile cutter of reputed make. Using a top quality Cutter and cutting wheel will help fool proof your project and help you achieve the perfect finish.

Available in varied types

Raimondi manual tile cutters or available in different cutting lengths 125cm/93cm/75cm/63cm to suit your different tile sizes. What you have to consider is whether you need to cut any diagonal cuts. If so you need to go up in size to accommodate the diagonal cut. For example 125cm cutters will cut 88cm on the diagonal cut and the 63cm will cut 44cm diagonal.

Ease of use

No professional expertise is needed to use a tile cutter. The machine has a scribe wheel that helps to mark a light incision and the breaking arm helps to complete the cutting. The process is simple; however, What you can do is experiment with old tiles so as to feel confident before you start your tiling projecting. Getting the press and position on the breaking arm right is the key.

Quicker finish of a project

Using this tool, it is possible to finish a project much quicker and save considerable time. These manual cutters are durable. The cast aluminium board makes this cutter light while the steel rail and roller provide superior strength.

When you wish to buy a tile cutter in the UK, it is wise to buy Raimondi products from Ceramic Tiling Tools. Raimondi designs and manufactures every single tool to meet the needs of the professionals and Ceramic Tiling Tools has a commitment to making them easily available. They have been selling Raimondi products since 2008 and you can easily place your order  online at https://www.ceramic-tiling-tools.co.uk or for any future advice dialling 00 44 7801979176 and speak to Benny.

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