Traveling From Newark to Manhattan-Different Options Available

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Have you landed at the Newark International Airport (EWR) and want to head towards Manhattan? Then you need not have to worry as New Jersey is just across the Hudson River from Manhattan, hence traveling from Newark to Manhattan is easier and hassle-free. And you would be glad to know that you can get some really low airfares by choosing to fly into Newark International rather than JFK or LaGuardia Airports.

There are some of the best ways to travel from Newark to Manhattan. Have a look at these below and choose the one according to your preference, time constraint and budget.

  • Traveling by Taxi

Traveling from Newark Airport to Manhattan by taxi is one of the easiest ways as you can find a number of taxis available to pick up fares. Although traveling by taxi is convenient but isn’t cheap. So if you are looking for a budget friendly ride then taxi hire isn’t for you.

If you aren’t comfortable with any random taxi ride then you can hire a car from Newark to Manhattan. A car service will offer you personalized and professional travel experience. Also, if you carrying a lot of luggage or traveling with kids or pets, then car hire is the most efficient way of traveling. However,  it  won’t be inexpensive. Moreover, if you are traveling with a large group then you can hire a car that can accommodate up to ten people and their luggage comfortably.

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