5 Best Places to Visit in Queanbeyan, NSW

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Are you planning a vacation getaway in Queanbeyan, NSW? 

Queanbeyan is a city boasting a split personality. Based on the Queanbeyan River, the New South Wales city is less than 15 kilometers away from the Australian capital, Canberra. Consequently, Queanbeyan is identified as a commuter belt town for the Australian capital. 

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Situated at 576 meters on the peak edge of Monaro Plains, Queanbeyan experiences bitterly cold during winter and remains hot and dry in summer. So, you should take a look at the below-discussed places you must visit during your Queanbeyan vacation for worthwhile travel experiences. 

  1. Queen Elizabeth II Park 

Queen Elizabeth II Park has been modernised attractively and stands out as the ideal picnic spot. The park has an excellent play area for the amusement of kids. Located in the heart of the Queanbeyan CBD, the park boasts a wonderful playground equipment collection, a large size oval space for picnics, a wet play area, barbecues and shelter area, walking and cycling paths, a terraced amphitheater and a staging area located adjacent to the river. The park stands out as the home to some of the city’s most precious events like Music by the River. 

  1. John Gale Statue 

John Gale Statue is located on the opposite side of the Visitor Information Centre on the corner of Lowe Street. John Gale is the Father of Canberra and was active in promoting Canberra as a perfect site for the national capital. He founded the first newspaper of Queanbeyan i.e. The Golden Age in 1860. 

  1. Queanbeyan Museum

The Queanbeyan Museum is located at 10 Farrer Place, housed in the old police sergeant’s residence (1876). It became a museum in 1981. The museum has a medical exhibit, a machinery shed, a period bedroom, a clothing collection, a kitchenware exhibit, and a blacksmith’s display.

The museum is strongly focused on the history of Queanbeyan and the surrounding district. It is the home to an extensive collection of over 3,500 items including furniture, textiles, technological objects, costumes, pictures, objects, maps, and photographs. The museum is open from 1 pm to 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday. 

  1. Queanbeyan Printing Museum 

Queanbeyan Printing Museum preserves the hot metal printing skills and machinery and remains open from 2 pm to 4 pm on Sundays. Hot metal printing ended with retiring Linotype machines in 1983. The museum was opened in 2004 and had stills working presses. 

  1. Queanbeyan Park 

Behind the Queanbeyan Museum is the Queanbeyan Park with an oval and tennis courts. The park had been planted with exotic trees as early as 1870. The park has retained a few surviving examples of the old cast iron lamp stands that were once found around the town. 

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