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5 Best Reasons to Visit Canberra Now

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Canberra is the Australian capital city nestled between Sydney and Melbourne with snow capped mountains of the Brindabellas to the east and the pristine clear waters of the New South Wales coast to the west. From award-winning restaurants set in the leafy suburbs to sprawling vineyards offering a perfect alternative to the urban vistas plus a host to cultural sights to cater to your curiosity level. Canberra is a beautiful city of contrasts boasting unique opportunities in every turn.


If you really want a complete Australian experience, Canberra is a one-stop destination that is easy and accessible for exploration on your vacation. Please take a look at the post and know why you should visit Canberra now.

  1. Significant Cultural Institutions 

Starting from the Royal Australian Mint to the National Portrait Gallery, the sightseeing attractions of significance in Canberra tell a fascinating story about the country. Most of the national attractions are free to access; so you will be able to enjoy fantastic works of female artists at the National Gallery of Australia. You will take in the moving Australian War Memorial and browse an extensive selection of folklore at the National Library without spending many dollars.

  1. Easy Accessibility 

When visiting a new country, navigating roads can be pretty challenging. But taking a road trip through Australia is worthy of a bucket list for a good reason. The capital city is easy to get around even if you contend with jet lag.

Built around beautiful lakes and set between spectacular mountains, Canberra is a scenic destination that you can explore by car. The roads are free from tolls and traffic, creating an unhurried, uncongested atmosphere and adding a feeling of ease to your Australian trip.

  1. Year-Round Beautiful Vibe 

Canberra gives you a rare treat in Australia offering year-round visual appeal with a calendar of events, festivities, and experiences spanning every different season. All of them are set against a beautiful natural background.

In the autumn, the deciduous trees make the city a tapestry of vivid scarlet and a vibe of burgundy and rust. You will find plentiful roaring fires to cozy around when the snow falls on the nearby mountains. The spring welcomes Canberra with beautiful tulips, cherry blossoms, and wildflowers blooming for the annual flower festival. The summer bathes everything in the warmth and golden light.

  1. Foodie Haven

Take a half an hour’s drive from the City Center and stop at an oenophile’s paradise with 140 vineyards and 40 cellars that need to be explored. Wine enthusiasts love visiting this cold climate region to interact with the makers, sample the local produce and stay overnight amongst the soothing green of the vines. You will find fine-quality food right there.

Coffee is the main highlight here in Canberra and there are delicious beans and blends throughout every corner. There are so many local roasteries and cafes than you could count providing not just a sample caffeine hit. Overall, you will get a cool and casual vibe although there are fine dining spots available for those looking to go out.

  1. There is a great place to stay. 

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