Benefits Of Using Suction Cup Tile Lifters

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Moving tiles by hand are usually exhausting which is why tile lifter comes in handy in most tiling projects. Suction cup tile lifters are important to handle heavy tiles or massive commercial ceramics and industrial tile lifting activities. These lifters are made to move huge, smooth floor tiles, kitchen tile, cabinet tile, floor panels, glass, or even glass to their proper location. Most of them are usually operated by hand! But they can also be controlled by a hoist., It is a useful tile-laying tool that is used mostly on construction sites.

Suction cup tiles or slab lifters work in the same way that suction cups do. It creates a vacuum between the surface to raise things. The suction cups on the tile lifter vacuum are created by pressing a lever or handle. It sucks automatically with the vacuum in a matter of seconds. It will be helpful in moving the tile off the stack and carried to the desired location right away. It has a vacuum valve, which is opened with a tiny finger movement to deposit the tile. The suction pads are constructed of rubber, and some of them have gigantic lifting capacities, making them long-lasting. However, it should be checked frequently to ensure its quality & proper resistance when in use. Here are a few benefits of using a suction cup tile lifter

  • Gently and quickly laying large tiles while being kind on the back
  • Much easier to lay because there’s no need to grab the side, especially for the last slab
  • Getting wall tiles with one hand is considerably easier
  • Easy tile removal and insertion, for example, to check adhesive application
  • There’s less chance of edge damage because the laying is more exact and with a clearer vision
  • Almost every suction cup tile lifter and can be cleaned with industrial vacuum cleaners on-site
  • It improves efficiency and precision

Suction cup tiles lifters make the job of dealing with heavy ceramics & heavy tiles quick and safe. It enables you to raise and shift tiles from one place to another. They are available in a variety of suction cup diameters. It will be helpful to accommodate various tile sizes. They are for delivering customized solutions for each user’s requirements. The type, size, and several suction cups, as well as the lifting mechanism, determine the load-carrying capabilities of a tile lifter. Hand-operated suction cup tile lifters have safe working loads ranging from fifteen to seventy kg per lift. The lifters are made up of one to four suction cups. The suction cups on hoist utilized lifters can raise things well over a thousand kilos as well.


A suction cup tile lifter has numerous advantages. When you need to hire or buy one, make sure you receive the most value for your money. You should choose the best based on your requirements and budget. If you need to procure some of the best performing tile lifters for your tiling project in the UK and Ireland then contact Ceramic Tiling Tools right away.