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Different Facilities of Motel Accommodation in Queanbeyan Canberra

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Recently, I was watching a music video that depicted the culture of motels, then I wondered why I never stayed at one during my previous travels?

I recently thought about taking a motel instead of a hotel for my upcoming road trip to Canberra, but I found it difficult to make a decision because I didn’t know anything about the motels in the area and whether they were better than hotels.

My curiosity drove me to learn about the motels near Canberra and what makes them different.

There are differences between hotels and motels. A hotel is a large building with numerous rooms for rent, often in the center of the city. Meant for tourists or business travelers, hotels usually have an on-site restaurant, swimming pool, fitness center, 24-hour front desk service, and daily housekeeping service. On the other hand, motels are designed for motorists, they typically comprise low blocks with long rows of rooms perpendicular to roads. Many motels offer parking services and long or short-term lodging.

A motel accommodation near Canberra targets travelers who want a break from their journey. These properties offer exterior corridors so that the guests have access to their rooms from outside. Motels aim to fulfill the basic needs of the travelers like a place to sleep or where they can refresh themselves. Thus, they cover all the necessities that a traveler needs.  From light breakfast and BBQ to free WiFi and smart TV with Foxtel, they cover it all.

Hamilton’s Queanbeyan motel offer the following amenities and facilities for the guests –

  1. Our motel offers basic accommodation facilities wherein rooms are inter-connected. The rooms are well accommodating for travelers. Our rooms also offer comfortable beds and air conditioning facilities, so that the guests can have a comfortable stay.
  2. BBQ facilities are also provided in our motel. Barbeque can be arranged at the request of the guests. They make guests aware of this provision to ensure that the guests have a comfortable and pleasant stay.
  3. We offer breakfast facilities to the guests with a limited choice of menu for breakfast.
  4. Laundry service is provided in our motel to the guests.
  5. Smart TV with Foxtel is also provided in rooms to keep the guests indulged and entertained.
  6. We provide Wi-Fi facilities, so guests can use the internet without difficulty. We ensure that we make all these facilities available to our guests so that the guests can relax and communicate easily.

Hamilton’s Queanbeyan Motel brings vast experience in Motel Management and is committed to providing exceptional customer service to its guests. The motel offers great accommodation facilities and services where one can enjoy and unwind after a long day.

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