Grouting Sponges: When And How To Use Them

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The use of the grouting sponge happens a bit later in a project while you lay tiles on the floor or walls. However, if you do not use the sponge effectively, the floor or the wall will look messy. Moreover, it will look like you have placed tiles side by side and not completed the work professionally. So, the effective use of the sponge is of utmost importance to give your project a professional-looking finish.

Prior to beginning

There may be instances when you have to grout an existing tile surface, or you may have a newly laid tile surface that requires grouting. If you are dealing with an existing surface, you need to make sure that you have removed all old grouts using grout saws before laying the new grout. If it is a new surface, make sure that the tiles are in place and fully set before applying the grout.

How to perfectly grout tile

Using a grouting sponge is an important step to properly grout tile. So, let us understand the process from the beginning. First, you need to properly mix the grout following the instructions offered by the manufacturer. The mixed grout needs to have the right consistency.

Ideally, it would be best to use a grout float to press the grout inside the lines between the tiles. After applying the grout, you will have a floor that looks full of mud; however, that will not last for long. To properly set, you need to allow the grout to rest for 15 to half an hour. Then, it would be best if you used the best quality grouting sponge soaked in water to remove the excess grout. You need to wait for some hours and repeat the wiping process. You need to have a bucket of clean water close by to wash the sponge after each rub.

However, when using the sponge, you need to ensure that no water is dripping from the sponge. The sponge must be damp but not dripping. It would be best to position the sponge so that the corner of the longest side stays in contact with the wall or floor and pulls the sponge in a continuous stroke. Next, rotate the sponge and use the other sides to clean the same position. After that, you need to clean the sponge in clean water.

There are two mistakes generally made while using a grouting sponge. One is using a dripping sponge, and the other is scrubbing the tile as you do when cleaning a wall or floor. If you use a dripping sponge, the excess water will weaken the grout and fade the grout colour. On the other hand, if you scrub, it will not help remove the grout properly; it will just move it around.

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