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Hotel or Motel in Queanbeyan – The Best Option

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Whenever you are planning a trip, have you struggled to decide the type of accommodation that best suits your itinerary? Then, you aren’t alone, there are many people who find it difficult to decide on the right accommodation option. The only solution to beat this confusion is to understand the differences between the options available for you depending upon various factors such as your budget, requirements, and preferences. And when it comes to accommodation options the two most confusing options are motel and hotel. If you are planning a trip to Queanbeyan/Canberra soon and are confused about whether to book a motel in Queanbeyan or a hotel in Canberra, then take a look at the differences between the two and decide which suits your specific needs.

What is a motel?

The word “motel” is the combination of two words i.e. motor and hotel. This term evolved in the early 20th century when the automobile became the most prevalent road transportation mode and the freeway networks expanded. 

Facts About Motels

Most of the Motels in Queanbeyan are confined to locations that are close to roads and highways. Often the motels are situated outside of cities however along popular tourist routes. Typically, motels are designed for short stays. You may be served a continental breakfast but they may offer you a quick and basic breakfast with foods such as bread, cereal, and boiled eggs. What makes a motel in Queanbeyan a better accommodation is its affordable price while being closer to popular destinations.

Difference between a hotel and motel

Usually, hotels and motels differ in terms of services and amenities provided to their guests. In a hotel, you will get more than one room for relaxing and sleeping in. Also, you may find facilities such as a restaurant, swimming pool, spa, and more. On the contrary, a motel may not offer you such luxurious facilities. But there are motels in Queanbeyan that offer you basic amenities you may need during your stay. Motels are meant for a comfortable stay without many luxurious facilities.

The size of the property is another factor that differentiates between a motel and a hotel. While hotels are large enclosed buildings with a large number of rooms across multiple floors, a motel comprises one or two floors with outdoor room entrances. You enter the motel directly from the parking lot whereas in a hotel you will need to go through the lobby to get into your room.

When should you book a motel instead of a hotel?

There are various situations where it makes more sense to opt for a motel in Queanbeyan instead of a hotel such as:

When you are in search of accommodation for the best value and are least bothered about the amenities provided, motels are an affordable option. 

When you are on a road trip, motels in Queanbeyan are a more convenient choice as you can get an affordable place to take some rest before heading toward your destination.

Motels in Queanbeyan offer you a peaceful stay while offering easy access to top tourist destinations in and nearby Canberra.


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