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Making Canberra Tour the Best Experience – Top Attractions to Explore

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Canberra is not just the capital city of Australia but is one of the best cities in the island country. Although the city is small, the experiences and opportunities are huge. The city has so much to offer to all. If you are planning to take a tour to Canberra anytime soon, make sure you book accommodation near Canberra as soon as possible to ensure you find a good accommodation. If you feel staying in the city will bore you then you can go for Queanbeyan motel accommodation as it offers you a serene and pleasant stay away from the hustles of a city.

Accommodation near Canberra

Another benefit of opting for Queanbeyan motel accommodation is that besides enjoying the myriad of attractions in the capital city, you will also get opportunities to relish the natural bliss of the countryside. Now as you are planning a trip to Canberra let us take a look at the major tourist attractions of the city that you and your family can enjoy:

Touring the Parliament House

The first thing that comes in one’s mind when it comes to tour in Canberra is the Parliament House. It has been the place of politics since the year 1988 and is also known as the new Parliament House. What makes this place more enticing is its architectural marvel which is simply magnificent. Hence, you can snap your pictures here and create memories of a lifetime. The views of this place become even more glorious and exciting during sunset time. By touring this place you will get familiarized with the exclusive political system of Australia. The property remains open from 9 AM till 5 PM.

Australian War Memorial

Australian War Memorial is the most poignant Canberra attraction that comprises a museum, art gallery and library. While entering the courtyard in the entrance will give you an evocative introduction to the experience. You will find a list of names of people who have died during the war since 1885. These names are inscribed in bronze on the walls and the list will chill your spine. The exhibits keep on changing constantly, but the most important exhibits are the compilation of old aircraft and discovery zone with interactive displays for the children. Every day at 4:55 PM a tribute is offered to the fallen called the Last Post – you can stay for the tribute if you are visiting the memorial at the end of the day.

National Zoo and Aquarium

The National Zoo and Aquarium in Canberra is the only combined zoo and aquarium in Australia, which the capital city takes pride of! Great efforts have been put into this attraction which has paid off well as the country feels proud for this tourist attraction. While the zoo allows you to feed a bear, hand feed a giraffe, pet a rhino, the aquarium lets you take delight in the views of varieties of aquatic species. You can also enjoy safaris here.

Lake Burley Griffin

Lake Burley Griffin is the centre of attraction of Canberra. The waterfront paths offer great opportunities for taking a stroll and bike in. Also this lake is best known for fishing, sailing and also enjoying a picnic at the parks at the shores of the lake. You can find 6 islands in the middle of the lake out of which Aspen Island is the largest one and home to the renowned National Carillon. The National Carillon is 55 bronze bells that were a gift from the British government. Besides that you can also discover a number of best attractions around the lake that include the National Library, National gallery, National museum and Questacon. Again there is the Regatta Point in the lake, which is the place where you will be able to see the globe sculpture which depicts the cook’s path of the voyage.

Accommodation Queanbeyan Canberra

Apart from these, there are many other tourist attractions that make Canberra a popular hub for tourists from all over the world. And the city hosts a myriad of events throughout the year which keeps the tourists and local entertained equally. So plan your trip today and book your accommodation near Canberra!


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