Sacred Valley Tour

Some useful information before going on the Sacred Valley tour

The great Sacred Valley is a timeless place of the Incas who endeavored to safeguard their legacy, and simultaneously they continued to advance their local culture. The Sacred Valley is a beautiful spot to visit to find and figure out how wise and dedicated the Incas were. Following is some valuable information that is prudent to know before undertaking a Sacred Valley tour with a reputed local tour operator.

Sacred Valley Tour Peru

Ideal Time to Visit the Sacred Valley

The perfect season is from June till August. The hotels and tours typically become reserved well ahead of time. The best opportunity to visit the Sacred Valley is just before the peak season during April or May, else after the peak season during September or October before the rainy season starts. The weather conditions are charming during these times, and the spot is less packed.

How To Be at Sacred Valley?

Sacred Valley covers about 100 km of a region. Cusco is the nearest airport, and guests typically start by visiting Pisac first. Transports from both Pisac and Cusco are accessible and leave on an hourly premise. There are taxis accessible also, yet it is wise to be cautious that the cabs drive quickly along the mountain streets. As you will be with a reputed tour operator, they will arrange for the transportation to the Valley.

What to pack for a visit?

Clothing: The climate in the Sacred Valley changes rapidly, so carry a lot of layers to be ready. Pack shirts and add warmth with the long-sleeve dress and a wool coat. Also, have lightweight jeans for trekking.

Footwear: Comfortable boots or athletic sneakers with significant footholds are great for walking around the Inca archeological sites. For multi-day climbs, you will need the boots for lower leg support.

Sun protection: Remember to pack your cap, glasses, and sunscreen lotions.

Day outings: Carry a daypack with comfortable straps to carry your water, camera, and other individual things.

Rainy season: Pack a waterproof coat or a travel-size umbrella during the rainy season. You can also buy plastic ponchos in Cusco and the Sacred Valley.

Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness is a typical well-being worry for explorers arranging an excursion to the Sacred Valley region. Most guests will experience minor side effects because of the height. Relax for the initial two or three days while adjusting, and don’t overexert yourself. Towns in the Sacred Valley are lower in height than Cusco, so a few explorers plan to spend their initial nights in the Valley to avoid the altitude sickness symptoms.,/p>

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