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What to Do During a Tour of the Koraput Valley

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If you are on a vacation to Odisha and have not planned a visit to Koraput valley, then you are missing a big part of the diversity that Odisha has in the offering. It is ideal to be with a reputed tour operator and select the best from the Koraput tour packages to have an opportunity to visit the amazing places in the valley. The tour will allow you to have a pleasant and exciting trip to the famous places in the valley.

Before you plan your trip, there are a few essential pieces of information to have.

The Best Time to Visit Koraput

The ideal time to visit Koraput is during January and February and from October to December. During this period, you can expect to have a warm temperature and little precipitation. So, if you desire to spend the Christmas holiday or make your New Year’s resolution in the scenic backdrop of Koraput valley, this is the ideal time to plan your trip through a local tour operator.

Why Is Koraput A Place to Visit

Koraput in the true sense will be your love at the first sight. It has many treasures packed into its region – enormous skies, imposing hills, stupendous natural life, brilliant organic food and accommodating, rational individuals. It is a place ideal for people who have an adventure in their souls.

The Best Food to Taste

We think that exploration and knowledge about a place are incomplete if you do not taste the local cuisines. So, it is ideal to know about the local food that you need to taste when you are on a trip to Koraput. If you are with a reputed tour operator they will arrange for such exposure to local food. You need to taste Paalua Khiri, Karada, Padma Naada, Panasa Manji Bhaja, Simba Manji alu Tiana, Mandia, Aunla jui, and Taadi rasa.

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Places to Visit during a Trip to Koraput

There are a few places that you cannot miss visiting during a trip to Koraput. Generally, the tour will be of 4 days and 3 nights. The reputed tour operators will organize the tour in such a manner so that you can be at the important places of tourist interest.

On your first day of the trip, you will have a ride a local train to Bheja station passing through the picturesque Arakku valley. From the station, you will have a comfortable transfer to Desia camp. On day two you will be at Nandapur and have the pleasure of visiting a tribal market. The next day you will be spending with the Bonda tribe and if you desire sip their homemade alcohol. On the following days, you will visit various tribal villages, and enjoy Dhemsa dance, you will also be at Gupteswar, Jagdalpur and Chitrakoot waterfalls. You will also be visiting a tribal museum, Kotpad textile village and visit the temple of Lord Jagannath in Koraput.

If you desire to have such a trip to Koraput, contact OD Travels. Call them at 9583 – 620 – 350 to plan your trip.

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