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Why Be With a Local Tour Operator during the Odisha Tour

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You may think that you have visited Lingaraj temple, Konark, Puri, Chilka, and a few other places of tourist interest, and you have seen the entire Odisha. Yes, those are some of the unique places you need to visit, but just being there does not mean that you have explored Odisha in the best possible way. Years later, you will understand that you have just scratched the surface of the iconic state. So, we propose that it is wise to be with a local tour operator during the Odisha tour. You may be thinking about why it is so. Let us see why.

Learn about history and culture from your local guide

You will have a local guide when you are with a local tour operator during your Odisha trip. As you travel to places of tourist interest accompanied by a local guide, you will know about the place’s context associated with the state’s history and culture. Like when you are Shanti Stupa, you will learn about the Kalinga war and how that war changed King Ashok.

Know stories unknown to others

The guide will reveal to you, stories that are unknown to others. As they are local, they know such stories. Like when you are in Konark, you can understand the original purpose of the Sun temple. Why it was called the Black Pagoda and the like. Knowing such stories will help to make your tour of Odisha ideal for exploring the true essence of the state.

Know the local food culture

Experts say that it is impossible to know a place in totality unless one tastes the local cuisines. It is the same when you are in Odisha. A part of the Orissa tourism packages of reputed local tour operators is dedicated to tasting regional cuisines. So when you are in Bhubaneswar, you can taste Pakhala Bhata, Chhena Podo, or Rasabali. In the like manner, when you are in Puri, you can taste Khicede, Malpua, or the maha bhog made for Lord Jagannath. This nature of exposure to local cuisines is impossible to consider if you are not with a local tour operator.

Know about the lesser-known places of interest

Odisha has many lesser-known places for tourists that you can visit when you are with a local tour operator. They will incorporate such places in your Odisha B2B tour packages. You will find a real exposure to these places as they are not crowded, and you can spend considerable time with your family and friends.

Affordable trip 

Local people own the tour organization and have a particular business association with other service providers. Like there are tour operators who have their car rental organization so they can arrange affordable means of transportation. Having such a business association, they can offer the best of services at an affordable rate.

OD Travels is the ideal local tour operator to contact when you want the best Odisha tour. They are a step-down subsidiary of OD Tours and Travels. Call them at 9583 – 620 – 350 to develop your trip to Odisha.

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