Why Buying Knee Pads Makes Sense For Tiling Work

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Tiling work is considered as one of the most worrisome tasks during home improvement projects. Most Tilers need to spread large amounts of adhesives and grout. They spend up to eight hours a day working on a firm or hard surface.

That’s why you need one of the best knee pads for tiling on your knees during prolonged hour shifts. So, what do you look for while buying a knee pad? Please check out the below discussed tips:

What do you consider for knee pads?

Thickness –

You should know the proper thickness of the padding which ensures a perfect balance between comfort and mobility. You should remember that the right thickness for knee pads should be around 20mm. This thickness allows you to move freely without compromising on comfort. 

Cushion –

Apart from thickness, you need to consider the right material for the knee pads. Choose from different types of materials and the most commonly available is the closed cell foam. It has enormous holding capacity against daily wear and tear.

Gel inserts are perfect when you prefer something best matching your knee shape. Some knee pads combine the two to help you get the best of the both worlds. This way, you can get the best cushion for long hours.

Adjustment –

Most knee pads are available with adjustable straps, which will make it fitting to your knee perfectly. The straps ensure a snug fit to keep you comfortable throughout the tiling work.

What are the reasons behind choosing knee pads?

Knee pads should be considered to prevent injury and provide you with more comfortable working experience. Take a look into the reasons why you should always wear these pads on your knees:

  • Minimize the impact to be felt by knees and protect the knee caps
  • Perform the tiling work efficiently without worrying about injuring yourself
  • Work more comfortably while doing the tiling job

In short and simple words, knee pads lessen the impact felt on the knees, protect the knee caps and provide more comfortable kneeling. These pads are designed to prevent osteoarthritis in the knees which is the most common form of arthritis.

Osteoarthritis occurs when the protective cartilage cushioning the ends of your bones wears out over time. Most knee injuries are caused by the daily wear and tear. If you don’t wear them, the result is more injuries. Hence, you should invest in top quality pads for your knee support while doing the tiling job.

Bottom Line –

When it comes to buying knee pads, you should look no further than Ceramic Tiling Tools. Our knee pads are of high quality ribbed pads molded from plastic and are available with replaceable foam inserts. They are strong and thick enough to ensure protection and cushioning of your knee.

These pads help in preventing water absorption and are perfect for wet working environments. They come with two replaceable, adjustable elastic straps with hook and loop closure. For more information, please contact us today at 00 44 7801979176.

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