Why is it safer to use the springless trampoline and how to enjoy using it?

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Every parent has the concern of trampoline safety in mind when their kids jump on those. That is the primary reason to use the springless trampoline as it is safer to use and parents can have peace of mind when their kids are using the same.

It is best to understand that there should not be any compromise in safety when kids are using a trampoline. The springless variety offers safety features so that kids can enjoy themselves without getting injured. Let us see how springless variety offers such safety.

Safest bounce using mat rods

If there is the use of spring in the trampoline it can stretch and rust. It can also trap toes and feet when kids jump on it. However, if there is the use of the springless variety there will be flexible rods. It is possible to have smooth, uniform bounce using such rods and as the rods stay beneath the surface on which one jumps there will not be any case of tapped toes or feet.


No hard edges 

There will not be any hard edges when there is the use of the springless variety of trampoline. The surface is also more shock-absorbent than the spring variety.

Safety enclosure

There will be a safety enclosure that will keep the jumper on the trampoline. It will never happen that a jumper falls on the ground when jumping on the trampoline. The curved poles offer a sturdy frame for the safety net and at the same time helps the net to be at a distance from the play area.

Best framework 

The framework stays under the jumping surface and has the best rust-preventing treatment so that there is no danger while using the trampoline. Moreover, as the frame stays hidden there will not be any chance of accidents.

Best way to use a springless trampoline 

There are a few rules that need to be in place so that your kids can safely play on the trampoline. Let us know about the rules to set.

No tricks 

Kids or novice jumpers should not be allowed to perform any tricks or twists while jumping. If they fall into an awkward position then there can be serious injuries to the neck and head.

Trampoline basket ball

One at a time

Not more than one kid or jumper should have permission to be on the trampoline. This will help to avoid accidents like a collision. There should also be no permission for a double jump.

Supervising the jumpers   

When kids are using the trampoline, there needs to be a responsible person having an eye on them. Kids should not have permission to use the trampoline alone.

Age factor 

There needs to be an age restriction on using the trampoline. It is generally seen that kids below the age of 7 do not have permission to jump on a trampoline.

Tramolines uses

Safe clearance

There needs to be safe clearance around the trampoline so that the guard net can flex properly.

If you follow these rules after having a springless trampoline from LEJUMP LLC your kids can play safely. Fill out their Contact Us page to shop from them. They are at present offering 8% off so it is the ideal time to purchase.

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